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Welsh Names

Gender: Origin:
Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Eilir Both Welsh Butterfly
Eilwen Girl Welsh Like white; seco...
Eilwyn Boy Welsh Like white; seco...
Einion Boy Welsh Anvil
Einiona Girl Welsh Anvil
Einir Both Welsh Respect
Einws Boy Welsh Anvil
Eira Girl Welsh Snow
Eirawen Girl Welsh Snow-white
Eirian Both Welsh Spendid; bright
Eirianedd Girl Welsh Spendid; bright
Eirianell Boy Welsh Spendid; bright
Eirianwen Girl Welsh Bright and blessed
Eirig Boy Welsh Fine; splendid; ...
Eiriol Girl Welsh Snowdrop; bright
Eirlys Girl Welsh Snowdrop
Eirug Boy Welsh Fine; splendid; ...
Eirwen Girl Welsh Snow white
Eirwyn Boy Welsh Snow white
Eiry Girl Welsh Snow
Eirys Girl Welsh Iris
Elain Girl Welsh Fawn
Elan Both Welsh Drive; push
Elen Girl Welsh Nymph
Eleri Girl Welsh N/A
Elfryn Boy Welsh Hill; hill brow
Elgan Boy Welsh Bright; circle
Elhaearn Boy Welsh An iron brow
Elian Boy Welsh The Lord is my G...
Elin Girl Welsh Nymph