mariah carey and nick cannonMariah Carey’s about to become a musical mama and she’s having twins! So we’ve round up some sweet, singing-inspired twin names for the diva’s upcoming duet!

Harmony & Melody
Can’t have one without the other, right?

Harper & Piper
Give them a harp and a pipe and they’ll be a regular diva-fied Partridge family!

Octavia & Octavio
Two little namesakes for Mama’s five-octave vocal range.

Honey & Hero
This pairing would make bedtime lullabies a no-brainer–mom could just belt out a couple of her number one hits!

R____ & B____
Ryan & Benjamin? Reese & Bailey? Rachel & Bryce? Fill in the blanks, just make sure the initials add up to Miss Mariah’s signature genre!

Billie & Frank
An homage to Mariah’s character in her semi-autobiographical film debut, Glitter. (Hey, something good should come out of that disaster!)

Vanessa & Iris
Vanessa means “butterfly” and Iris means “rainbow.” If they were good enough for Mommy’s albums, they’re good enough for the twins!