Top Baby Names

Year of birth? Popularity Gender
Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Byron Boy English At the cattle sh...
Jasper Boy Persian Treasurer; spott...
Jonathon Boy Hebrew God has given; g...
Chad Boy English N/A
Marc Boy Latin From the god Mars
Kelvin Boy English From the River C...
Chandler Boy English Candle seller
Sam Both Hebrew His name is God
Cory Both Germanic God's peace
Deandre Boy N/A N/A
River Both English River
Reese Both Welsh Enthusiasm
Roger Boy English Famous spear
Quinton Boy Latin Fifth
Talon Boy English A claw
Romeo Boy Italian Pilgrim to Rome
Franklin Boy English Free man
Noel Both Latin Day of birth
Alijah Boy American E... N/A
Guillermo Boy Germanic Will, desire and...
Gunner Boy Norse Battle; strife
Damon Boy Greek To tame
Jadon Boy Hebrew He will judge; g...
Emerson Boy English Son of Emery
Mícheál Boy Hebrew Who is like God?
Bruce Boy English N/A
Terry Both Germanic Ruler of the peo...
Kolton Boy N/A N/A
Melvin Boy English Uncertain, possi...
Beckett Boy English Bee cottage