Top Baby Names

Year of birth? Popularity Gender
Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Zachary Boy Hebrew The Lord remembers
Cameron Both Gaelic Crooked nose
Isaiah Boy Hebrew God is salvation
Justin Boy Latin Righteous, just,...
Sarah Girl Hebrew Princess
Grace Girl Latin Good will
Luke Boy Greek Man from Lucania
Ella Girl Greek Torch; bright li...
Taylor Both English A tailor
Robert Boy Germanic Bright fame
Austin Boy Latin Venerated
Riley Both English Rye clearing
Landon Boy English Long hill
Thomas Boy Aramaic Twin
Aaron Boy Hebrew Mountain
Brianna Girl Gaelic Noble, strong, v...
Lucas Boy Greek Man from Lucania
Hailey Both English Hay clearing or ...
Aidan Boy Gaelic Little fire
Connor Boy Gaelic Lover of hounds;...
Owen Boy Gaelic Well born, yew b...
Hunter Boy English Hunter; one who ...
Diego Boy Hebrew Supplanter
Jason Boy Greek Healer
Luis Boy Germanic Fame and war
Hayden Both German Heathen
Anna Both Hebrew Grace; favour
Adrian Boy Latin From Hadria
Kayla Girl Hebrew Who is like God?
Lily Girl English Lily