Top Baby Names

Year of birth? Popularity Gender
Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Adriana Girl Latin From Hadria
Emerson Boy English Son of Emery
Nicolas Boy Greek Victory of the p...
Makenzie Girl Gaelic Son of Coinneach...
Harrison Boy English Son of Harris
Elise Girl Hebrew My God is a vow
McKenzie Both Gaelic Son of Coinneach...
Derek Boy Germanic Ruler of the peo...
Delilah Girl Hebrew N/A
Ezra Boy Hebrew Aid
Cora Girl Greek Maiden
Skyler Both Dutch Guarded; scholar
Kylee Girl Pacific Is... Boomerang
Tucker Boy English Someone who fold...
Ariel Both Hebrew Lion of God
Emmett Boy German All-containing; ...
Cody Boy Gaelic Descendant of Cu...
Rebecca Girl Hebrew To tie
Gracie Girl Latin Good will
Dakota Both Native Ame... The allies
Izabella Girl Hebrew My God is a vow
Calvin Boy French Bald
Andrés Boy Greek Man, warrior
Jorge Boy Greek Earth worker
Abel Boy Hebrew Breath
Paul Boy Latin Small; humble
Abraham Boy Hebrew Father of a mult...
Josephine Girl Hebrew He will enlarge
Alaina Girl Gaelic Rock
Michelle Girl Hebrew Who is like God?