Top Baby Names

Year of birth? Popularity Gender
Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Paige Both English Page
Lincoln Boy English Lake settlement,...
Ruby Girl Latin Red
Nora Girl English N/A
Mariah Girl Hebrew Uncertain, maybe...
Leo Boy Latin Lion
Victor Boy Latin Victor
Brady Boy Gaelic Descendant of Br...
Jeremy Boy Hebrew God will raise u...
Jordyn Both Hebrew Descend; flow down
Mateo Boy Hebrew Gift of God
Brian Boy Gaelic Noble, strong, v...
Jaden Both American E... N/A
Ashton Boy English Settlement in th...
Patrick Boy Latin Patrician
Declan Boy Gaelic Full of goodness
Lilly Girl English Lily
Brielle Girl Hebrew God is my might
Sean Boy Hebrew God is gracious
Joel Boy Hebrew The Lord is God
GaŽl Boy French Name of a Celtic...
Alejandro Boy Greek Defender
Jade Both English Precious green s...
Marcus Boy Latin From the god Mars
Destiny Girl English Destiny, fate
Leonardo Boy Germanic Strong as the lion
Jesse Boy Hebrew Gift; wealthy
Caden Boy English N/A
Jake Boy Hebrew Supplanted; held...
Kaiden Boy English N/A