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Spanish Names

Gender: Origin:
Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Almira Girl Spanish Princess
Almirah Girl Spanish Princess
Aloisio Boy Spanish Fame and war
Alondra Girl Spanish Defender
Alonsa Girl Spanish Noble and ready/...
Alta Girl Spanish Tall
Altagracia Girl Spanish High Grace
Alvara Girl Spanish Nobel guardian
Alvarez Boy Spanish Noble guardian
Alvaro Boy Spanish Nobel guardian
Alvarro Boy Spanish Nobel guardian
Amaia Girl Spanish High place
Amancio Boy Spanish Rival; emulating
Amaya Girl Spanish High place
Ambrosio Boy Spanish Undying, immortal
Amora Girl Spanish Love
Amparo Girl Spanish Favor; protection
Ampora Girl Spanish Favor; protection
Analilia Girl Spanish From Jehovah
Anarosa Girl Spanish N/A
Anastacio Boy Spanish Resurrection
Anastas Boy Spanish Resurrection
Anatalia Girl Spanish One who comes fr...
Anatolio Boy Spanish The East; dawn
Andrés Boy Spanish Man, warrior
Angelberto Boy Spanish N/A
Angeles Both Spanish Messengers; angels
Angelita Girl Spanish Messenger
Angilberto Boy Spanish N/A
Aniceto Boy Spanish He who carries o...