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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Anzelm Boy Polish Protective
Atzel Boy Hebrew Noble; reserved,...
Azel Boy Hebrew Noble
Azelice Girl Germanic Noble kind; of t...
Dalzell Boy Gaelic White field
Danzel Boy Cornish N/A
Denzel Boy Cornish N/A
Denzell Boy Cornish N/A
Faizel Boy Arabic Judge
Florizel Boy N/A N/A
Gazelem Boy English N/A
Gizela Girl Germanic Pledge
Gizella Girl German Hostage; pledge
Hazel Girl English Hazel Tree - Lig...
Hazelle Girl English Hazel tree; ligh...
Hertzel Boy N/A N/A
Hertzela Girl N/A N/A
Itzel Girl Native Ame... Rainbow lady
Jazel Girl American E... N/A
Jazzell Girl American E... N/A
Jizelle Girl German Hostage; pledge
Marzel Boy Latin Little Marcus
Marzella Girl Latin Little Marcus
Pazel Boy Hebrew God's gold
Raizel Girl Yiddish Rose
Razelle Both American E... N/A
Tzelafchad Boy Hebrew Guarded from wor...
Tzelofchad Boy Hebrew Guarded from wor...
Zel Boy N/A N/A
Zelda Girl Germanic N/A