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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Vera Girl Russian Faith
Verbena Girl Latin Holy plant
Verdiana Both Italian Young; fresh
Vere Boy Germanic Alder
Vered Both Hebrew Rose
Verena Girl English N/A
Vergil Boy Latin N/A
Vergilius Boy Latin N/A
Verginius Boy Latin N/A
Verina Girl English N/A
Verity Girl English Truth
Verl Boy English N/A
Verle Boy English N/A
Verleen Girl English N/A
Verleena Girl American E... N/A
Verlene Girl English N/A
Verlin Boy English N/A
Vern Boy Norse Place of alders
Verna Girl Norse Place of alders
Vernard Boy German Bear brave; brav...
Vernen Boy Norse Place of alders
Verner Boy Germanic Guard army
Vernetta Girl American E... N/A
Vernice Girl Greek Victory bringer
Vernita Girl Latin Beauty; delight
Vernon Boy Norse Place of alders
Verona Girl Greek Victory bringer
Veronica Girl Greek Victory bringer
Veronika Girl Greek Victory bringer
Veronike Girl Greek Victory bringer