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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Patitapavana Boy Sanskrit Purifier of the ...
Pavan Boy Sanskrit Purifying
Pavana Both Sanskrit Purifying
Pavani Girl Sanskrit Purifying
Prabhavan Boy Sanskrit Having light; lu...
Prabhavana Boy Sanskrit The creator
Punyavan Boy Sanskrit Virtuous
Revanta Boy Sanskrit Breaker of speed
Sarvani Girl Sanskrit The All
Sattwavan Boy Sanskrit Endowing with go...
Satyavan Boy Sanskrit Truthful
Savana Girl Spanish Plateau
Savanah Girl Spanish Plateau
Savanna Girl Spanish Plateau
Savannah Girl Spanish Plateau
Servan Boy Latin Service of God
Servane Girl Latin Service of God
Servanne Girl Latin Service of God
Sevan Boy Sanskrit The embodiment o...
Shankhavan Boy Sanskrit Owner of the conch
Sharvani Girl Sanskrit The consort of S...
Shivani Girl Sanskrit Wife of Shiva
Silvan Boy Latin Of the forest
Silvana Girl Latin Of the forest
Silvanna Girl Latin Of the forest
Silvano Boy Latin Of the forest
Silvanus Boy Latin Of the forest
Sivana Girl Hebrew The ninth month ...
Sovann Boy Cambodian Like gold
Stevan Boy Greek Crown