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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Treena Girl Greek Pure
Trefor Boy Welsh Large settlement
Tremain Boy Cornish Rock settlement
Tremaine Boy Cornish Rock settlement
Tremayne Boy Cornish Rock settlement
Trent Boy English Traveller; journ...
Trenton Boy English Trent's town
Tresa Girl Greek Harvester
Tressa Girl Greek Harvester
Tressie Girl Greek Harvester
Tresza Girl Greek Harvester
Trev Boy Welsh Large settlement
Treva Girl Welsh Large settlement
Trevelyan Boy Cornish Mill settlement,...
Trevin Boy American E... N/A
Trevion Boy American E... N/A
Trevis Boy French Toll collector
Trevon Boy American E... N/A
Trevor Boy Welsh Large settlement
Trey Boy French Three
Treymaine Boy Cornish Rock settlement
Treyton Boy American E... N/A