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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Thodoros Boy Greek Gift of God
Thom Boy Aramaic Twin
Thomas Boy Aramaic Twin
Thomasa Girl Aramaic Twin
Thomasia Girl Aramaic Twin
Thomasin Girl Aramaic Twin
Thomasina Girl Aramaic Twin
Thomasine Girl Aramaic Twin
Thomason Boy Aramaic Twin
Thomazine Girl Aramaic Twin
Thompson Boy English Son of Thomas
Thor Boy Norse Thunder
Thora Girl Norse Thunder
Thorben Boy Danish Thor's bear
Thorbj÷rn Boy Danish Thor's bear
Thorbj°rn Boy Danish Thor's bear
Thordis Girl Norse Woman of Thor
Thorer Boy Norse Thor's warrior
Thorfinn Boy Gaelic Chief; thunder
Thorley Boy English Thorn clearing
Thorn Boy English Thorn bush
Thorndick Boy English Thorn bush ditch...
Thorndike Boy English Thorn bush ditch...
Thorndyck Boy English Thorn bush ditch...
Thorne Boy English Thorn bush
Thornley Boy English Thorn clearing
Thorns Boy English Thorn bush
Thornton Boy English Thorn bush enclo...
Thorold Boy Norse Thor rule
Thorongil Boy Literary Eagle of the Star