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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Iolanthe Girl Greek Violet
Ithel Boy Welsh Generous lord
Jacinthe Girl Greek Hyacinth
Katherin Girl Greek Pure
Katherina Girl Greek Pure
Katherine Girl Greek Pure
Katheryn Girl Greek Pure
Kunthea Girl Cambodian Pleasing smell
Käthe Girl Greek Pure
Lethe Girl Greek Forgetfulness
Leuther Boy Germanic People army
Luther Boy Germanic People army
Margarethe Girl Greek Pearl
Marthe Girl Aramaic Lady
Marthena Girl Latin From the god Mars
Mathéo Boy N/A N/A
Mather Boy English Mower
Matheus Boy Hebrew Gift of God
Mathew Boy Hebrew Gift of God
Matthew Boy Hebrew Gift of God
Megapenthes Boy Greek Great sorrow
Melanthe Girl Greek Dark flower
Meredithe Girl Welsh Great lord
Meriwether Boy English One with a sunny...
Merryweather Boy English One with a sunny...
Nathen Boy Hebrew He (God) has given
Netherwood Boy English Lower wood
Othelia Girl Germanic Wealth
Othello Boy German Wealth
Othenio Boy African Give birth by ni...