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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Aethelburg Girl English Noble fortress
Aethelburh Girl English Noble fortress
Aetheldaeg Girl English Noble Day
Aetheldreda Girl English Noble strength
Aethelfled Girl English Noble beauty
Aethelfrith Girl English Noble peace
Aethelgifu Girl English Noble gift
Aethelgyth Girl English Noble war
Aethelred Boy English Noble counsel
Aethelswith Girl English Noble Strength
Aethelu Girl English Noble
Aethelwine Boy English Noble friend
Agathe Girl Greek Good
Agnethe Girl Greek Chaste
Alethea Girl Greek Truth
Aletheia Girl Greek Truth
Almathea Girl Greek Tender
Althea Girl Greek Medicinal herb
Althena Girl Greek N/A
Amalthea Girl Greek Tender
Amaltheia Girl Greek Tender
Amaranthe Girl Greek Unfading
Anthea Girl Greek Flowery
Antheia Girl Greek Flowery
Anthelme Boy German Helmet of God
Atheer Boy Arabic High-ranking; ho...
Athelstan Boy Germanic Noble stone
Athena Girl Greek N/A
Athenais Girl Greek N/A
Athene Girl Greek N/A