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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Leitha Girl English Broad; wide; riv...
Lothair Boy Germanic Famous army
Lothaire Boy Germanic Famous army
Lothar Boy Germanic Famous army; fam...
Lothario Boy Germanic Fame + army
Luthais Boy Germanic Fame and war
Madhukantha Boy Sanskrit With a sweet voice
Maharatha Boy Sanskrit Grand charioteer
Manikantha Boy Sanskrit Blue bird; with ...
Mannitha Boy Sanskrit Chosen
Manoratha Boy Sanskrit Cherised wish
Mantha Boy Sanskrit Agitating
Margaretha Girl Greek Pearl
Martha Girl Aramaic Lady
Matsyendran... Boy Sanskrit Rules the fish
Matthaios Boy Hebrew Gift of God
Melantha Girl Greek Dark flower
Nadinatha Boy Sanskrit The lord of rivers
Nakanatha Boy Sanskrit The Lord of heaven
Naphthali Boy Hebrew To wrestle
Natha Boy Sanskrit Lord; ruler
Nathalia Girl Latin (Christ's) birth...
Nathalie Girl Italian Christ's birthday
Nathaly Girl Latin (Christ's) birth...
Nathan Boy Hebrew He (God) has given
Nathanael Boy Hebrew Gift of god
Nathanel Boy Hebrew Gift of god
Nathania Girl Hebrew Gift of god
Nathanial Boy Hebrew Gift of god
Nathaniel Boy Hebrew Gift of god