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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Terézke Girl Greek Harvester
Terfel Boy Welsh Oak prince; stub...
Teri Girl Greek Harvester
Teriah Girl Hebrew Fresh, new
Terpsichore Girl Greek She who takes pl...
Terra Girl Latin Earth, soil
Terrah Girl Latin Earth, soil
Terrance Boy Latin Uncertain; maybe...
Terrell Boy English N/A
Terrelle Boy English N/A
Terrence Boy Latin Uncertain; maybe...
Terri Girl Greek Harvester
Terrie Girl Greek Harvester
Terry Both Germanic Ruler of the peo...
Terryl Girl Greek Harvester
Tertia Girl Latin Third
Tertius Boy Latin Third
Terttu Girl Finnish Bunch of berries
Teru Boy Japanese Brilliant
Teruaki Boy Japanese Brilliant autumn
Teruko Girl Japanese Shining child
Terumi Girl Japanese Beautiful shine
Teruyoshi Boy Japanese Shining justice
Terwyn Boy Welsh Bright white
Teryl Boy Greek Harvester
Walter Boy Germanic Ruler of the army
Walters Boy Germanic Ruler of the army
Webster Boy English Weaver
Winter Both English Winter
Wouter Boy Germanic Ruler of the army