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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Eszter Girl Persian Star
Etera Boy Maori Aid
Forester Boy English Protective
Forrester Boy English Forest; of the f...
Foster Boy English Forest; of the f...
Galtero Boy Germanic Ruler of the army
Hester Girl Persian Star
Hunter Boy English Hunter; one who ...
Jupiter Boy Latin Father god
Karter Boy English Transporter of m...
Katerina Girl Greek Pure
Katerine Girl Greek Pure
Kateryna Girl Greek Pure
Kester Boy Greek Bearer of Christ
Khaterah Girl Arabic Desire
Krister Boy Greek Bearer of Christ
Lester Boy English From Leicester
Luster Boy German Cheerful, carefree
Pater Boy Dutch Father superior
Paterson Boy Latin Patrician
Patterson Boy Latin Patrician
Peeter Boy Greek Stone
Peter Boy Greek Stone
Peteris Boy Greek Stone
Peterlis Boy Greek Stone
Petter Boy Greek Stone
Pieter Boy Greek Stone
Porter Boy Latin One who carries ...
Quiterie Girl Latin Quiet
Quitterie Girl Latin Quiet