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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Aikaterine Girl Greek Uncertain, perha...
Alister Boy Greek Protector
Amaterasu Girl Japanese Who illuminates ...
Aster Both Greek Star
Astera Girl Persian Star
Asteria Girl Greek Star
Baxter Boy English Baker
Brewster Both English Brewer of beer
Buckminster Boy English Goatherd; goat-m...
Buster Boy American E... N/A
Callister Boy Greek Defending men
Carpenter Boy English Builder, wood wo...
Carter Boy English Transporter of m...
Cater Boy English Caterer
Caterina Girl Greek Pure
Chester Boy Latin Camp; fort
Christer Boy Latin Follower of Christ
Colter Boy English Colt-herd
Coulter Boy English Colt-herd
Custer Boy English Sexton
Demeter Girl Greek Earth mother; ba...
Dexter Boy English Dyer of cloth
Dieter Boy Germanic People army
Dieterich Boy Germanic Ruler of the peo...
Easter Girl Germanic N/A
Ecaterina Girl Greek Uncertain, perha...
Ehetere Girl Persian Star
Ekaterina Girl Greek Uncertain, perha...
Eleuterio Boy Greek Free
Ester Girl Persian Star