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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Artemas Boy Greek Of Artemis, gift...
Artemi Boy Greek Devotee of Artemis
Artemidos Boy Greek N/A
Artemio Boy Greek Gift from Artemi...
Artemios Boy Greek Devotee of Artemis
Artemis Girl Greek N/A
Artemisa Girl Greek Gift from Artemi...
Artemisia Girl Greek Safe; a butcher
Artemiy Girl Greek N/A
Clytemnestra Girl Greek Noble wooing
Cuauhtémoc Boy Aztec Descending eagle
Hepetema Girl Maori September
Lotem Both Hebrew Cistus bush
Martemyan Boy N/A N/A
Rotem Girl Hebrew To bind
September Both Latin From the month
Tema Boy Hebrew Palm tree; upright
Teman Boy Hebrew Right side
Temani Boy Hebrew Right side
Temira Girl Hebrew Tall; slender
Temperance Girl English Moderation
Tempest Both English Storm
Temple Both English House of worship
Templeton Boy English House of the Kni...