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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Tamiqua Girl American E... N/A
Tamir Boy Arabic Rich in dates
Tamira Girl Arabic Rich in dates
Tamirah Girl Arabic Rich in dates
Tamisha Girl American E... N/A
Tamishia Girl American E... N/A
Tamma Girl Hebrew Innocent; honest
Tammi Girl Aramaic Twin
Tammie Girl Hebrew Palm tree
Tammy Girl Aramaic Twin
Tamohara Boy Sanskrit One who removes ...
Tamra Girl Hebrew Palm tree
Tamrika Girl Sanskrit Coppery
Tamsin Girl Aramaic Twin
Tamsyn Girl Aramaic Twin
Tamzin Girl Aramaic Twin
Tristam Boy Gaelic Tumult
Uttam Boy Sanskrit Excellent
Uttama Both Sanskrit Excellent
Vasuttama Boy Sanskrit Best out of the ...
Yotam Boy Hebrew God is perfect