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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Aktaion Boy Greek N/A
Alastair Boy Greek Defending men
Alastaire Boy Greek Defending men
Alistair Boy Greek Defending men
Alistaire Boy Greek Defending men
Altair Boy Arabic Flying; bird
Amitai Boy Hebrew Truth; friend
Antain Boy Latin N/A
Antaine Boy Latin N/A
Aristaios Boy Greek Most excellent, ...
Artair Boy Gaelic Possibly bear or...
Atai Boy Hebrew Moments; timely
Ataiah Boy Hebrew God is helper
Bhaltair Boy Germanic Ruler of the army
Captain Boy English A captain
Ciorstaidh Girl N/A N/A
Clotaire Boy Germanic Glorious strength
Etain Girl Gaelic N/A
Gitai Boy Hebrew Grape presser
Klytaimnest... Girl Greek Noble wooing
Martainn Boy Latin From the god Mars
Nitai Boy Sanskrit Name of Gauranga...
Obataiye Boy African King of the whol...
Tai Girl Chinese Big
Taiah Girl Arabic Submissive, pious
Taichi Boy Japanese Big one
Taiga Boy Japanese Big and gracious
Taiki Boy Japanese Big tree
Taillefer Boy French One who carves o...
Tailor Both English A tailor