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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Stein Boy Germanic Stone
Steinar Boy Norwegian Defender + stone
Steiner Boy English Dyer
Stela Both Latin Star
Stella Girl Latin Star
Sten Boy Swedish Stone
Stepán Boy Greek Crown
Stepána Girl Greek Crown
Stepánka Girl Greek Crown
Steph Boy Greek Crown
Stephaine Girl Greek Crown
Stephan Boy Greek Crown
Stephana Girl Greek Crown
Stéphane Both Gaelic The crown of glory
Stephania Girl Greek Crown
Stéphanie Girl Greek Crown
Stephanos Boy Greek Crown
Stephanus Boy Greek Crown
Stephen Boy Greek Crown
Stephi Girl Greek Crown
Stephie Girl Greek Crown
Stephine Girl Greek Crown
Stephon Boy Greek Crown
Steren Girl Cornish Star
Sterling Boy English Little star, ste...
Stern Boy German Star
Sterne Boy English Strict, severe
Steropes Boy Greek Lightning
Sterre Girl Latin Star
Stesichore Girl Greek She who stations...