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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Modeste Boy French Modest
Oreste Boy Greek Mountain
Orestes Boy Greek Mountain
Risteárd Boy French Strong power; ha...
Rochester Boy English Roof of a fort
Roysten Boy English Settlement of Ro...
Silvester Boy Latin A forest
Stead Boy English Estate, farm; st...
Steadman Boy English Estate, farm; st...
Steafán Boy Greek Crown
Steaphan Boy Greek Crown
Stearn Boy English Strict, severe
Stearne Boy English Strict, severe
Stede Boy English Stallion; stud h...
Stedman Boy English Estate, farm; st...
Steel Boy English Hard/durable as ...
Steele Boy English Hard/durable as ...
Steen Boy Germanic Stone
Stefan Boy Greek Crown
Stefana Girl Greek Crown
Stefani Girl Greek Crown
Stefania Girl Greek Crown
Stefanie Girl Greek Crown
Stefano Boy Greek Crown
Stefanos Boy Greek Crown
Stefans Boy Greek Crown
Stefcia Girl Greek Crown
Steffan Boy Greek Crown
Steffi Girl Greek Crown
Stefka Girl Greek Crown