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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Motogusinile Boy African The first is out
Muhsin Boy Arabic Charitable, bene...
Muhsina Girl Arabic Charitable, bene...
Oisín Boy Gaelic Little deer
Rasindra Boy Sanskrit Mercury
Rochusina Girl Germanic Battle cry; rest
Roisin Girl Latin Little rose
Rosina Girl Latin Rose
Sinasamoa Girl Pacific Is... White sands of S...
Sincere Both English Earnest; honest
Sinclair Boy English "Saint Clair" me...
Sine Girl Hebrew God is gracious
Sinéad Girl Gaelic God is gracious
Singh Boy Indian Lion
Sini Girl Finnish Blue
Sinjin Boy English Saint John
Sinjon Boy English Saint John
Sinjun Boy English Saint ohn
Sinnie Girl English Sun gift
Taliesin Boy Welsh Radiant brow
Tamasin Girl Aramaic Twin
Tamsin Girl Aramaic Twin
Thomasin Girl Aramaic Twin
Thomasina Girl Aramaic Twin
Thomasine Girl Aramaic Twin
Tomasina Girl Aramaic Twin
Tomasine Girl Aramaic Twin
Udbhasini Girl Sanskrit Shining forth
Vasin Boy Sanskrit Lord
Vikasini Girl Sanskrit Radiant; cheerful