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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Abd al muhs... Boy Arabic Servant of the g...
Abdul Muhsin Boy Arabic Servant of the B...
Abhayasinha Boy Sanskrit Fearless lion
Abhrakasin Boy Sanskrit Ascetic
Adesina Girl African She opens the way
Alphonsine Girl Germanic Noble and ready/...
Ambrosina Girl Greek Immortal
Ambrosine Girl Greek Undying, immortal
Angusina Girl Gaelic One choice
Arsine Girl Greek Manly
Arsinoë Girl Greek N/A
Avinasini Girl Sanskrit Indestructible
Chasin Boy Hebrew Strong; hardy
Chasina Girl Aramaic Powerful, strong...
Clasina Girl Greek Victory of the p...
Efrosinya Girl Greek Cheerful
Euphrosine Girl Greek Mirth; merriment
Fasina Boy English N/A
Hansine Girl Hebrew God is gracious
Hasina Girl Swahili Good
Hasini Girl Sanskrit Delightful
Hassin Boy Arabic Beautiful
Jamesina Girl Hebrew Supplanter
Jensine Girl Hebrew God is gracious
Lechsinska Girl Polish Uncertain meaning
Mahasin Girl Arabic Charms, good qua...
Manjukesin Boy Sanskrit Having beautiful...
Masina Girl Pacific Is... Moon
Melusina Girl French N/A
Mélusine Girl French N/A