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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Glesig Girl Welsh Blue; fresh
Sig Boy N/A N/A
Sigal Both Hebrew Violet; treasure
Sigalia Girl Hebrew God's violet; Go...
Sigaliya Girl Hebrew God's violet; Go...
Sigbjörn Boy Swedish Victory bear
Sigdis Girl Norse Victorious woman...
Sigefrid Boy Germanic Powerful silence...
Sigele Girl African Left
Sigfinn Boy Norse Triumphant Finn
Sigfinna Girl Norse Triumphant Finn
Sigfinnur Boy Norse Triumphant Finn
Sigga Boy Germanic Powerful silence...
Sigge Boy Swedish Victory bear
Sigmond Boy German Protector
Sigmund Boy German Protector
Signe Girl Norse New victory
Signy Girl Norse New victory
Sigolwide Girl N/A My way is honest
Sigrid Girl German Fair victory
Sigrun Girl N/A Victory
Sigurd Boy German Protector of vic...
Sigurdís Girl Norse Victorious woman...
Zsigmond Boy German Protector
Zsigmund Boy German Protector