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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Chelsea Girl English Chalk landing pl...
Còiseam Boy Latin Steadfast
Finnseach Girl Gaelic Fair-haired
Hosea Boy Hebrew To deliver
Iseabail Girl Hebrew My God is a vow
Ke Sean Boy American E... N/A
Loingseach Boy Gaelic Mariner
Masean Boy English N/A
Odysseas Boy Greek Full of wrath
Qaysean Boy American E... N/A
Qesean Boy American E... N/A
Rasean Boy American E... N/A
Roseana Girl English Combination of R...
Roseann Girl English Combination of R...
Roseanna Girl English Combination of R...
Roseanne Girl Latin Rose
Ruiseart Boy French Strong power; ha...
Sea Boy Hebrew Mercy in god
Seaborn Boy English Born at sea
Séafra Boy English God's peace
Seager Boy English Seaman
Séaghán Boy Hebrew God is gracious
Sealey Boy English Happy; fortunate
Séamus Boy Hebrew Supplanter
Sean Boy Hebrew God is gracious
Seanán Both Hebrew God is gracious
Seanlaoch Boy Gaelic Old hero
Seaton Boy English Town by the ocean