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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Amasai Boy Hebrew Burden bearer
Baatarsaikh... Boy Chinese Hero who brings ...
CÚsaire Boy Latin N/A
Criosaidh Girl Latin Follower of Christ
Ealasaid Girl Hebrew My God is a vow
Hosain Boy Arabic Good looking
Husain Boy Arabic The good looking
Hussain Boy Arabic Good looking
Isai Boy Hebrew Man
Isaia Boy Hebrew God is salvation
Isaiah Boy Hebrew God is salvation
Isaias Boy Hebrew God is salvation
Isaie Boy Hebrew Yahweh is salvat...
Isa´r Boy Hebrew Man
Leagsaidh Girl Greek Defending men
Li¨saidh Girl Germanic Fame and war
Marsail Girl Latin Little Marcus
Marsaili Girl Greek Pearl
Peyisai Boy African Conclusion
Sai Girl Japanese Paint
Sa´d Boy Arabic Lord
Saida Girl Swahili Happy
Saif Boy Arabic Sword
Saige Girl English Aromatic herb; w...
Saiko Girl Japanese Serene child
Sailor Both English Sailor
Toussaint Boy French All the saints
Yaasai Boy Hebrew To make, to create