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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Alessio Boy Greek Defender
Aloisio Boy Germanic Fame and war
Ambrosio Boy Greek Undying, immortal
Ambrosios Boy Greek Undying, immortal
Anastasio Boy Greek Resurrection
Anastasios Boy Greek Resurrection
Atanasio Boy Spanish Without death
Athanasios Boy Greek Immortal
Blasio Boy Latin Stuttering
Blasios Boy Latin Stuttering
Cassiopeia Girl Greek She whose words ...
Dionisio Boy Greek N/A
Elisio Boy Hebrew My God is salvat...
Etsiona Girl Hebrew Tree of Zion
Ignasio Boy Latin Fiery
Kassiopeia Girl Greek She whose words ...
Lesio Boy Polish A Pole
Nemesio Boy Greek He who gives jus...
Nicasio Boy Greek Victory of the p...
Siobhan Girl Gaelic God is gracious
Sin Boy Hebrew God is gracious
Siona Girl Hebrew Excellent
Sione Boy Hebrew God is gracious
Sioned Girl Hebrew God is gracious
Sioni Boy Hebrew God is gracious
Sionyn Boy Hebrew God is gracious
Sir Boy Greek Earth worker
Siors Boy Greek Earth worker
Siorus Boy Greek Earth worker
Siorys Boy Greek Earth worker