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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Sankha Boy Sanskrit Conch
Sanna Girl Hebrew Lily
Sannan Boy Latin Scared
Sanne Girl Hebrew Lily
Sansa Both Sanskrit Allure, charm
Sansana Girl Hebrew The inner struct...
Sanson Boy Hebrew Sun
Sansone Boy Hebrew Sun
Santana Boy Spanish Saintlike; Saint...
Santanu Boy Sanskrit Auspicious form
Santiago Boy Spanish Saint James
Santino Boy Italian Sacred
Santos Boy Spanish Saints
Santoshan Boy Sanskrit Contentment
Santoshi Girl Sanskrit Delighting in co...
Santoshini Girl Sanskrit Delighting in co...
Santxo Boy Latin N/A
Sanura Girl Swahili Young cat
Sasan Boy Afghan Founder of the S...
Sawsan Girl Arabic Great smelling f...
Sosanna Girl Hebrew Lily
Sousan Girl Hebrew Lily; rose
Sousanna Girl Hebrew Lily; rose
Suprasanna Girl Sanskrit Very serene
Susan Girl Hebrew Lily
Susana Girl Hebrew Lily
Susanetta Girl Hebrew Lily
Susann Girl Hebrew Lily
Susanna Girl Hebrew Lily; rose
Susannah Girl Hebrew Lily; rose