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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Indubhusana Boy Sanskrit Having the moon ...
Isan Boy Sanskrit Bestower of riches
Isana Boy Sanskrit Ruler
Isandro Boy Greek Freeing a man
Isanne Girl Hebrew My God is a vow
Isano Girl Japanese This help for you
Jin-Sang Boy Korean Aid; truth and b...
Josanie Girl American E... N/A
Kassandra Girl Greek She who entangle...
Lisandro Boy Greek Freeing a man
Lisandru Boy Greek Freeing a man
Lisanne Girl American E... N/A
Lysander Boy Greek Freeing a man
Lysandra Girl Greek Freeing a man
Lysandre Boy Greek Freeing a man
Lysandros Boy Greek Freeing a man
Manisankara Boy Sanskrit Jewelled Shiva
Masani Girl African One with a gap b...
Melisande Girl Germanic Strong work
Melisandra Girl Germanic Strong work
Melisant Girl Germanic Strong work
Nisan Boy Hebrew Miracle
Oksana Girl Greek Welcoming
Oleksandr Boy Greek Defending men
Osanna Girl Hebrew Deliver us
Pleasance Girl English Pleasure
Pleasant Girl English Pleasing
Prasanna Both Sanskrit Pleasing; pure; ...
Prasanta Both Sanskrit Calmed
Rasana Girl Sanskrit Beam of light; p...