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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Chrysanthem... Girl Greek Marigold
Chrysanthum Girl Greek Marigold
Crisanto Boy Greek Flower of gold
Dasani Both American E... N/A
Dayasankara Boy Sanskrit Compassionate Lo...
Devadarsana Boy Sanskrit Related to the g...
Dwysan Girl Welsh Intense; profound
Fanibhusan Boy Indian Lord Shiva
Fuensanta Girl Spanish Holy fount
Funsani Boy African Request
Ghassan Boy Arabic In the centre of...
Harisankara Boy Sanskrit Vishnu and Shiva...
Hasan Boy Arabic Beautiful
Hasana Girl African The first born o...
Hasanat Boy Arabic Kind acts
Hasanati Girl Swahili Good
Hasanayn Boy Arabic Two hasans
Hasani Boy Arabic Beautiful
Hasanti Girl Sanskrit Who delights
Hassan Boy Arabic Beautiful
Hisani Girl Swahili Mercy; forgiveness
Hisano Girl Japanese From a long story
Hosanna Both Hebrew Deliver us
Hosannah Girl Hebrew Deliver us
Husane Boy Arabic Good looking
Husani Boy Swahili Of today
Hussana Girl Arabic Beauty
Ihsan Both Arabic Benevolence
Ihsan-ul-Ha... Boy Arabic Kindness accompa...
Iksana Boy Sanskrit Sight