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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Rosette Girl Latin Rose
Rosey Girl Latin Rose
Rosh Girl Hebrew Chief
Roshan Both Persian Shining, splendid
Roshanara Girl Persian Light of the ass...
Roshaun Boy American E... N/A
Roshawn Boy American E... N/A
Roshawna Girl American E... N/A
Roshon Boy American E... N/A
Roshona Girl American E... N/A
Roshonda Boy American E... N/A
Rosi Girl Latin Rose
Rosia Girl Latin Rose
Rosie Girl Latin Rose
Rosina Girl Latin Rose
Rosita Girl Latin Rose
Roslyn Girl Germanic Weak, tender or ...
Rosmunda Girl German Horse protection
Ross Boy Gaelic Bluff or Cliff
Rossie Girl Latin Rose
Rostam Boy Persian Tall; strong
Rostislav Boy Czech Growing praise
Rostislava Girl Czech Growing praise
Roswel Boy English Rose-field; town...
Roswell Boy English Rose-field; town...
Roswelle Boy English Rose-field; town...
Roswinda Girl Spanish Very famous war
Roswitha Girl Germanic Strong and famous
Rosy Girl Latin Rose
Stesichoros Boy Greek He who stations ...