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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Brolach Boy Gaelic Uncertain, perha...
Brolly Boy Gaelic Descendant of Br...
Carol Both Germanic Free man
Carola Girl German Free man
Carolann Girl American E... Carol + Ann
Carole Girl German Free man
Carolin Girl German Free man
Carolina Girl German Free man
Caroline Girl German Free man
Caroll Boy Gaelic Fierce warrior
Carolus Boy German Free man
Carolyn Girl German Free man
Carolynn Girl German Free man
Carolynne Girl German N/A
Carrol Girl N/A N/A
Carroll Boy Gaelic Fierce warrior
Darold Boy English N/A
Errol Boy Latin Uncertain, possi...
Erroll Boy Latin Uncertain, possi...
Eurolwyn Girl Welsh Gold wheel
Gerold Boy Germanic Spear ruler
Gerolt Boy Germanic Spear ruler
Girolamo Boy Greek Sacred name
Harold Boy English Leader of an army
Herold Boy English Leader of an army
Herrold Boy English Army rule; herald
Jerold Boy Germanic Spear ruler
Jerrold Boy Germanic Spear ruler
Karol Both Germanic Free man
Karolcia Girl German Free man