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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Afrodita Girl Greek Risen from the f...
Afrodite Girl Greek Risen from the f...
Aphrodite Girl Greek Risen from the f...
Arod Boy Hebrew Brown
Broder Boy Norse Brother
Broderic Boy Welsh Reddish-brown
Broderick Boy Welsh Reddish-brown
Brodie Boy Gaelic Muddy place
Brody Boy Gaelic Muddy place
Frode Boy Norwegian Learned; wise
Frodo Boy Literary Wise by experience
Grodzislaw Boy Slavonic To join glory
Grodzislawa Girl Slavonic To join glory
Harrod Boy English Army rule; herald
Hrodebert Boy Germanic Bright fame
Hrodland Boy Germanic Fame land
Hrodric Boy Germanic Fame rule
Hrodwulf Boy Germanic Fame + wolf
Jarod Boy Hebrew Descendant
Jarrod Boy Hebrew Descendant
Jerod Boy Hebrew Descendant
Jerrod Boy Hebrew Descendant
Medrod Boy Welsh Own course; own ...
Nirodha Boy Sanskrit Restraint
Rod Boy English Renown island
Roda Boy Greek Rose; woman from...
Rodán Boy Gaelic Hearty, lively
Rodas Girl Greek Rose; woman from...
Roddie Boy English Renown island
Roddy Boy English Renown island