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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Prisca Girl Latin Ancient
Priscila Girl Latin Ancient
Prisciliana Girl Latin Ancient
Priscilla Girl Latin Ancient
Priscus Boy Latin Ancient
Prissy Girl Latin Ancient
Radhakrishna Boy Sanskrit Radha and Krishna
Ramakrishna Boy Sanskrit Pleasing Krishna
Ramakrisna Boy Sanskrit Pleasing Krishna
Ris Boy English Bright
Risa Girl Japanese Sand of the vill...
Risha Girl Indian The lunar month ...
Rishi Boy Sanskrit Seer; sage
Rishon Boy Hebrew The first
Rishona Girl Hebrew First
Risteárd Boy French Strong power; ha...
Risto Boy Greek Bearer of Christ
Sharisa Girl French Cherry
Sharise Girl French Cherry
Sherise Girl French Cherry
Srikrishna Boy Sanskrit Lord Krishna
Tavaris Boy Portuguese Descendent of th...
Trish Girl Latin A patrician
Trisha Girl Latin A patrician
Trishelle Girl Latin A patrician
Trissie Girl Latin Life's voyager
Trissy Girl Latin Life's voyager
Trist Boy Gaelic Tumult
Trista Girl Gaelic Tumult
Tristam Boy Gaelic Tumult