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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Noriaki Boy Japanese Bright law
Noriane Girl Greek Pity
Nuria Girl Catalan N/A
Oria Girl Hebrew Light of God
Oriana Girl Latin Dawn, gold
Oriane Girl Latin Dawn, gold
Orianna Girl Latin Dawn, gold
Orianne Girl Latin Dawn, gold
Priam Boy Greek N/A
Pulcheria Girl Latin Beautiful
Ria Girl Hebrew Bitter
Riagán Boy Gaelic N/A
Riah Girl Hebrew Bitter
Rian Boy Gaelic Little King
Riana Girl Welsh Nymph
Riane Girl Gaelic Little King
Rianna Girl Welsh Nymph
Rianne Girl Latin From Hadria
Riannon Girl Welsh Nymph
Rianon Girl Welsh Sorceress
Rosaria Girl Italian Rosary
Sariah Girl Hebrew Princess
Satoria Girl American E... N/A
Saveria Girl Basque New house
Seirian Boy Welsh Sparkling
Severiano Boy Italian Stern, severe
Shemariah Boy Hebrew Guarding of god
Shimriah Girl Hebrew Jehovah is prote...
Tegeirian Girl Welsh Fair and beautif...
Teriah Girl Hebrew Fresh, new