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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Daria Girl Persian Maintain well; p...
Darian Boy English N/A
Dariana Girl English N/A
Demetria Girl Greek Earth mother
Desideria Girl Latin Longing
Doria Girl Greek Gift
Dorian Boy Literary N/A
Doriane Girl Literary N/A
Dorianne Girl Literary N/A
Doriano Boy Literary N/A
Dulce-Maria Girl Spanish Sweet Mary
Egeria Girl Latin N/A
Einmyria Girl Norse N/A
Eirian Both Welsh Spendid; bright
Eirianedd Girl Welsh Spendid; bright
Eirianell Boy Welsh Spendid; bright
Eirianwen Girl Welsh Bright and blessed
Epitymbria Girl Greek Of the tombs
Erianthe Girl Greek Lover of flowers
Fariad Boy Afghan Outspoken
Floria Girl Latin Flower
Florian Boy Latin Flower
Floriane Girl Latin Flower
Florianne Girl Latin Flower
Gabrial Boy Hebrew God is my might
Gevaria Boy Hebrew Strength of God
Gevariah Boy Hebrew Strength of God
Gloria Girl Latin Glory
Gmaria Boy Hebrew Accomplishments ...
Gmariah Boy Hebrew Accomplishments ...