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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Abiria Both Swahili Passenger
Abria Girl American E... N/A
Abriana Girl American E... N/A
Abrianna Girl American E... "A" combined wit...
Adria Girl Latin From Hadria
Adriaan Boy Latin From Hadria
Adrian Boy Latin From Hadria
Adriana Girl Latin From Hadria
Adriane Girl Latin From Hadria
Adrianna Girl Latin From Hadria
Adrianne Girl Latin From Hadria
Adriano Boy Latin From Hadria
Adrianus Boy Latin From Hadria
Adrião Boy Latin From Hadria
Aindrias Boy Greek Man, warrior
Airiana Girl Greek Very holy one
Airianna Girl Greek Very holy one
Airianne Girl Greek Very holy one
Alegría Girl Spanish Happiness
Alexandria Girl Greek Defending men
Amaria Boy Hebrew God has said
Amariah Boy Hebrew God has said
Ambria Girl English Amber
Amiria Girl Maori Rival; emulating...
Anamaria Girl English N/A
Andria Girl Greek Man, warrior; ma...
Annmaria Girl English N/A
Apolinaria Girl Greek Greek god Apollo
Apollinaria Girl Greek N/A
Aria Girl Hebrew Lion