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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Carena Girl Latin Beloved
Ceren Girl Turkish Gazelle
Cerena Girl Latin Composed; peacef...
Clarence Boy English Of Clare
Corena Girl Greek Maiden
Corene Girl Greek Maiden
Corentin Boy Breton Relative or storm
Correna Girl Greek Maiden
Cyrena Girl Greek Sovereign queen
Cyrene Girl Greek Sovereign queen
Daren Boy Welsh Burnt land; hill
Darren Boy Welsh Burnt land; hill
Dharendra Boy Sanskrit Ruler of the earth
Efren Boy Hebrew Fruitful
Ehren Both Germanic Honour
Ehrenfried Boy Germanic Honor + peace
Ehrengard Girl Germanic Honourable and p...
Ehrentraud Girl Germanic Honourable and b...
Ehrentraut Girl Germanic Honourable and b...
Eirena Girl Greek Peace
Eirene Girl Greek Peace
Emerenciana Girl Latin Emerentius; wort...
Emerentia Girl Latin Deserving
Emerentius Boy Latin Deserving
Emerenzia Girl Latin Deserving
Erena Girl Greek Torch; bright li...
Eréndira Girl Spanish The one who smil...
Erene Girl Hebrew Delight
Erenora Girl Greek Pity
Evren Both Turkish The cosmos; the ...