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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Eleftherios Boy Greek Freedom, liberty
Eleuterio Boy Greek Free
Eleutherios Boy Greek Freedom, liberty
Eurion Boy Welsh Gold
Euriona Girl Welsh Gold
Gregorio Boy Greek Watcher
Gregorios Boy Greek Watcher
Griogair Boy Greek Watcher
Hariom Boy Sanskrit Ruler of the Om
Hilario Boy Portuguese Cheerful
Hilarion Boy Greek Cheerful
Holegario Boy Spanish Needless
Hyperion Boy Greek The one above
Ilario Boy Latin Cheerful
Illarion Boy Greek Cheerful
Jamarion Boy American E... N/A
Januario Boy Latin Devoted to Janus
Kyprios Boy Greek From Cyprus, a C...
Liberio Boy Latin Free from slavery
Lothario Boy Germanic Fame + army
Macario Boy Greek Blessed
Makarios Boy Greek Fortunate, blessed
Mario Boy Latin From the god Mars
Marion Both Hebrew Uncertain, maybe...
Meirion Boy Latin From the god Mars
Meiriona Girl Welsh Dairyman
Meirionwen Girl Welsh White Meirion
Merion Boy Welsh From Merioneth
Merrion Boy Latin From the god Mars
Morio Boy Japanese Protector