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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Alastríona Girl Greek Defending men
Alistriona Girl Greek Defending men
Amarion Boy Arabic Populous; flouri...
Arioch Boy Hebrew Lion-like; kingly
Arion Boy Greek Braver
Arrio Boy Greek Warlike
Auriol Girl Latin Golden
Ben Gurion Boy Hebrew Son of the lion
Ben-Gurion Boy Hebrew Son of the lion
Brionna Girl Gaelic Noble, strong, v...
Briony Girl Greek Vine
Caitríona Girl Greek Pure
Candelario Both Latin Cadela; wax candle
Catríona Girl Greek Pure
Ceirios Girl Welsh Cherries
Coriolanus Boy Latin From Corioli
Criosaidh Girl Latin Follower of Christ
Críostóir Boy Greek Bearer of Christ
Damario Boy Greek Calf
Damarion Boy American E... N/A
Dario Boy Persian Maintain well
Darion Boy English N/A
Darrion Boy English N/A
Demario Boy Latin From the god Mars
Demarion Boy American E... N/A
Demetrio Boy Greek Earth mother
Demetrios Boy Greek Earth mother
Desiderio Boy Latin Longing
Dimitrios Boy Greek Earth mother; ba...
Eiriol Girl Welsh Snowdrop; bright