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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Labhrainn Boy Latin Man from Laurentum
Laraine Girl French Of Lothair
Loraine Girl French Of Lothair
Lorraine Girl French Of Lothair
Mirai Girl Japanese Future
Morainn Girl Gaelic White sea
Naarai Boy Hebrew Young people
Naraiman Boy Afghan Character from S...
Narain Boy Sanskrit Son of man (lit....
Pádraic Boy Latin Patrician
Pádraig Boy Latin Patrician
Rai Boy Arabic Sheep tender
Raia Girl Hebrew Friend
Raibeart Boy Germanic Bright fame
Raid Boy Arabic Leader
Raidah Girl Arabic Leader
Raiden Boy Japanese Thunder and ligh...
Raif Boy Arabic Forgiving; sympa...
Raiko Girl Japanese Next child
Raimonda Girl Germanic Advice; decision...
Raimondo Boy Germanic Advice; decision...
Raimonds Boy Germanic Advice; decision...
Raimund Boy Germanic Advice; decision...
Raimundo Boy Germanic Advice; decision...
Rain Both English Rain
Raina Girl Latin Queen
Rainbow Both English Rainbow
Raine Girl French Queen
Rainer Boy Germanic Wise army
Rainger Boy English Gamekeeper