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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Pernella Girl Latin Of the Petronia ...
Pernelle Boy Latin N/A
Pernilla Girl Latin Of the Petronia ...
Peronel Girl Latin N/A
Perparim Boy Albanian The progress; pr...
Perpetua Girl Latin To continue with...
Perri Girl Latin Foreigner, stran...
Perrin Boy Greek Stone
Perrine Girl Greek Stone
Perry Boy Latin Foreigner, stran...
Persée Boy Greek Destroyer
Persephone Girl Greek N/A
Perseus Boy Greek Destroyer
Pershing Boy German Grower or seller...
Persia Girl English Persia
Persis Girl Greek Persian woman
Pervenche Girl French Periwinkle
Piper Both English A pipe player
Prosper Boy Latin Prosperous
Prospero Boy Latin Prosperous
Prosperus Boy Latin Prosperous
Rupert Boy English Bright fame
Ruperta Girl English Bright fame
Skipper Boy American E... Master of a Ship
Speranza Girl Italian Hope
Temperance Girl English Moderation
Trapper Boy English One who traps game
Tripper Boy English One with an odd ...
Vesper Both Latin Evening