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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Kipper Boy English A pointed hill
Kooper Boy English Barrel maker
Lousaper Girl Latin Carrier of the l...
Pepper Girl English Pepper
Per Boy Greek Stone
Perach Girl Hebrew Flower, blossom
Perachiah Boy Hebrew Jehovah\'s flower
Perceval Boy French Pierce valley
Percival Boy French Pierce valley
Percy Boy French Pierce valley
Perdita Girl Latin Lost
Perdix Girl Greek Partridge
Pere Boy Greek Stone
Peregrin Boy Latin Foreigner, stran...
Peregrine Boy Latin Foreigner, stran...
Peregrinus Boy Latin Foreigner, stran...
Peretz Boy Hebrew Burst forth, bre...
Perez Boy Greek Stone
Perfecta Girl Latin Perfect; free fr...
Perfecto Boy Latin Perfect; free fr...
Peri Boy Hebrew Fruit
Pericles Boy Greek Far-famed
Perkin Boy Greek Stone
Perkins Boy English Perkin's son
Perl Both English Pearl
Perla Girl Italian Pearl
Perle Girl French Pearl
Perlette Girl French Pearl
Perlie Girl English Pearl
Perlina Girl English Pearl