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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Patience Girl English Patience
Patitapavana Boy Sanskrit Purifier of the ...
Patni Girl Sanskrit Sovereign ruler;...
Patric Boy Latin Patrician
Patrice Both Latin A patrician
Patricia Girl Latin A patrician
Patrício Boy Latin Patrician
Patricius Boy Latin A patrician
Patrick Boy Latin Patrician
Patrizia Girl Latin Patrician
Patrizio Boy Latin Patrician
Patrocinio Boy Latin He who gives his...
Patsy Girl Latin A patrician
Patten Boy Latin Patrician
Patterson Boy Latin Patrician
Patti Girl Latin A patrician
Pattie Girl Latin A patrician
Pattison Boy Latin Patrician
Patton Boy Latin Patrician
Patty Girl Latin A patrician
Payaspati Boy Sanskrit The Lord of milk
Prajapati Boy Sanskrit The Lord of crea...
Prapatti Girl Sanskrit Surrender of dev...
Raghupati Boy Sanskrit Leader of the Ra...
Rapata Boy Maori Bright fame
Ropata Boy Maori Bright fame
Sampat Boy Sanskrit Wealth
Satpati Boy Sanskrit Good Lord; Lord ...
Senapati Boy Sanskrit Lord of an army
Shripati Boy Sanskrit Husband of Shri