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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Ippolito Boy Greek Horse free
Leopold Boy Germanic Bold people
Léopoldine Girl Germanic Bold people.
Leopoldo Boy Germanic Bold people
Napoleon Boy Germanic Sons of the mist...
Pól Boy Latin Small; humble
Polina Girl Latin Small; humble
Polit Boy Greek One who frees ho...
Polk Boy German Great glory
Poll Girl Hebrew N/A
Pollard Boy English Large head
Pollie Girl Hebrew Uncertain, maybe...
Polly Girl Hebrew N/A
Pollyanna Girl English Combination of P...
Polonius Boy Latin Related to Poland
Polonka Girl Greek N/A
Poludeukes Boy Greek Much sweet wine
Polydeuces Boy Greek Much sweet wine
Polydeukes Boy Greek Much sweet wine
Polyeuctus Boy Greek Much prayed-to one
Polyeuktes Boy Greek Much prayed-to one
Polynikes Boy Greek Many victories
Polyvios Boy Greek Many views
Polyxena Girl Greek Hospitable