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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Apolena Girl Greek Like Apollo
Apolinar Boy Greek Greek god apollo
Apolinaria Girl Greek Greek god Apollo
Apollinaire Boy Greek N/A
Apollinare Boy Greek N/A
Apollinaria Girl Greek N/A
Apollinaris Boy Greek N/A
Apolline Girl Greek Like Apollo
Apollo Boy Greek Destroy; apple
Apollon Boy Greek Destroy; apple
Apolloneia Girl Greek Like Apollo
Apollonia Girl Greek Like Apollo
Apollonios Boy Greek Like Apollo
Apollonius Boy Latin From Apollo
Apollos Boy Latin From Apollo
Apolo Boy Greek Destroy; apple
Apolonia Girl Greek N/A
Apolonio Boy Greek Greek god Apollo
Apolonka Girl Greek N/A
Appollonia Girl Greek N/A
Appoloniusz Boy Greek Of the god Apollo
Hipolit Boy Greek One who frees ho...
Hipolito Boy Greek Loosener of horses
Hippolyta Girl Greek Loosener of horses
Hippolyte Both Greek Loosener of horses
Hippolytos Boy Greek Loosener of horses
Hippolytus Boy Greek Loosener of horses
Ipolani Both Hawaiian Heavenly sweethe...
Ipolit Boy Greek One who frees ho...
Ippolit Boy Greek Loosener of horses