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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Arpeni Girl Armenian Sun
Aspen Both English Aspen tree
Bhupen Boy Sanskrit King of the world
Bhupendra Boy Sanskrit Ruler of rulers;...
Carpenter Boy English Builder, wood wo...
Deependra Boy Sanskrit Lord of light
Deependu Boy Indian Bright moon
Dipen Boy Sanskrit Light of a lamp
Japendra Boy Sanskrit Ruler of reciters
Kapeni Boy African Knife
Kipenzi Girl Swahili Precious one; be...
Mapenzi Girl Swahili Romance
Megapenthes Boy Greek Great sorrow
Pen Girl Greek Weaver; duck
Penda Girl Swahili Affectionate
Pendar Boy Afghan Thoughtful
Pendo Girl Swahili Love
Penelope Girl Greek Weaver; duck
Péng Boy Chinese Mythical bird
Penina Girl Pacific Is... Pearl
Peninah Girl Hebrew Coral, a pearl, ...
Peniniya Girl Hebrew Hen, a female ch...
Peninnah Girl Hebrew Coral; pearl
Penn Boy English Hill; sheep-pen
Pennant Boy Welsh Head stream
Pennar Boy Welsh Head hill
Penni Girl Greek Weaver; duck
Pennie Girl Greek Weaver; duck
Penninah Girl Hebrew Coral; pearl
Penny Girl Greek Weaver; duck