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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Kripalu Boy Sanskrit Compassionate; m...
Madanagopala Boy Sanskrit Handsome cowherd
Madanapala Boy Sanskrit King of love
Mahipal Boy Sanskrit The earth-protec...
Mahipala Boy Sanskrit The earth-protec...
Nihopalaoa Boy Hawaiian Ivory tooth; wha...
Opal Girl Sanskrit Jewel, gem
Opale Girl Sanskrit Jewel, gem
Opaline Girl Sanskrit Jewel, gem
PÓl Boy Latin Small; humble
Palak Boy Sanskrit Guardian
Palaka Boy Sanskrit Guardian
Palemˇn Boy Spanish N/A
Palita Boy Sanskrit Guarded; protected
Pallas Both Greek Maiden, youth
Pallavi Girl Sanskrit Young branch; gr...
Palmar Boy English Pilgrim
Palmer Boy English Pilgrim
Palmira Girl Italian Pilgrim
Palmiro Boy Italian Pilgrim
Paloma Girl Spanish Dove
Paltibaal Boy Phoenician Ba'al is my refuge
Prajapala Boy Sanskrit Protector of cre...
Ramgopal Boy Sanskrit Lit. 'pleasing c...
Rupal Girl Sanskrit Beautiful
Utpal Boy Sanskrit Full of blossom
Utpala Both Sanskrit Full of blossom
Vasupala Boy Sanskrit King
Venugopal Boy Sanskrit Flute player Gop...
Venugopala Boy Sanskrit Flute player Gop...